Youtube rewind 2021

Kein YouTube Rewind 2021: Warum endet der Jahresrückblick?

11.11.2021 — Ab 2021 wird es keine YouTube-Rewind-Videos mehr geben. Das verkündete die Videoplattform inzwischen offiziell.

YouTube Rewind ist vorbei, aber was kommt jetzt? Wir beleuchten den Istzustand und blicken sowohl in die Zukunft als auch zurück.

YouTube Rewind

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YouTube Rewind 2021 But It Actually Exists

Why is there no YouTube Rewind 2021 and what will replace it?

16.12.2021 — After a whole decade, YouTube has cancelled its annual YouTube Rewind series. A spokesperson for YouTube announced that they were “retiring” …

Every year since 2010, YouTube has dropped its famous YouTube Rewind in December. But there won’t be one in 2021, and here’s why…

WatchMojo’s YouTube Rewind 2021

The death of YouTube Rewind, revisited. | Mashable

17.12.2021 — In 2019, YouTube returned to its list format and in 2020, they pointed to the global pandemic as a reason for skipping Rewind altogether.

The story of how YouTube Rewind 2018 became the most-disliked video in the platform’s history and died a slow, painful internet death. However, will YouTube latest year-end celebration, Escape2021, take its place?

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